Gemini Horoscope for December 2021

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

December will be an exciting month, for it will set off opportunities in several areas that you can choose to develop. It is a far better month than November proved to be, and it comes in time for the holidays.

The month starts with a bang—a new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius, 12 degrees, on December 3-4 (depending on your time zone). New moon eclipses are generally happy events, and this one seems supremely friendly. They open a new chapter, and in your case, it will occur in your partnership/marriage/commitment sector. If you have been dating seriously, you may get engaged this month, in time to tell your respective families at Christmastime.

If you are already wed, you might enter a new realm with your partner. You may tackle a new goal together, or you may find that you or your partner will have good news to share that will affect you both. If you are not interested in marriage, you may take on an agent, lawyer, publicist, business partner, accountant, or another professional who will work with you in a confidential one-to-one way so you can get ahead faster. The seventh house, where the new moon will occur in your chart, is a contractual house where both parties make promises to each other. Eclipses often herald important developments—landmarks in time that we long remember, so there could be something important bubbling up at this eclipse. This is probably not be an ordinary commitment, it will likely be something special.

I love that Saturn will be in an ideal angle to the new moon, indicating that your actions will increase your stability and security and help you lay a foundation now that you can build upon in the future.

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