Gemini Horoscope for August 2022

Your August Horoscope for Gemini

There is hope for this new moon. Mercury will be in the perfect position to receive a friendly beam from surprise-a-minute Uranus (unlike the new moon and Sun, which will be in an intense argument with Uranus). This is an important asset because Mercury is your ruler and the ruler of this new moon of August 27.

Furthermore, the Sun and the new moon will receive a trine (heavenly aspect) from Pluto, and Pluto will also be in a good position to transit Mars, by this time in Gemini. Pluto is a major financial planet, and he can help you get the money you need to fulfill a home or family project.

Sometimes the new or full moon brings complex, conflicting messages. That happens in life. While the news will be mixed, the Sun and new moon, both appearing in Virgo, will be one point of a golden triangle, and the second point will be held by Pluto in your financial house (the sector that would help you get a mortgage, home improvement loan, or money from a government program to help you care for an elder or other purpose, as some examples). The third point of the triangle will be in your first house, where transiting Mars will be in Gemini by month’s end, giving you rare control. That’s great—Mars is the action planet that is favoriting you, still moving direct, and he will light you to action.

The result of this new moon on August 27 will be positive in the weeks to come, even though you may initially get unexpected, unwelcome news that will force you to make a decision or find a quick solution. Although at first the news may stop you in your tracks, you can, and will, come up with a good, workable solution. Don’t overlook programs offered by the government to help you with an array of financial needs.

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