Gemini Horoscope for August 2022

Your August Horoscope for Gemini

This full moon might bring up a large, unexpected expense. It is not a favorable time to travel, so make sure you are not on the road anywhere near this full moon, August 11. Alternatively, you and your sister, brother, or cousin might not see eye-to-eye. This full moon might be stressful because whatever is not working will break down and be whisked away. Afterward, in time, you will see that that element was no longer productive or relevant for your future. The good part about this full moon is that it will deliver its message within five days and after that, tension will fade away. There is a sweet part to this full moon that might save the day. Uranus, the planet of surprise, will send a golden beam to your ruler Mercury.

Now let’s turn to the August new moon, due August 27 in Virgo, which will highlight new experiences for creating a comfortable home and nurturing your family. When looking at this new moon in Virgo, we need to examine Mercury, the planetary ruler you share with Virgo. This new moon will give you the impetus to move, renovate, paint, decorate, or entertain friends and family at your home. When it comes to making changes and improvements at home, this new moon will center your attention on what needs to be done. You can also assist a family member, such as a parent, who might need your help.

As an aside, I will stop to explain rulership for a second. There are not enough planets to go around to all the signs, so some signs share their planet with one other sign. (There are eight planets plus the Sun and moon, so that equals ten, but there are 12 signs.) Those signs that share a ruling planet still behave differently, according to their element. You are an air sign ruled by Mercury, so you think and react as quickly as lightning. Your mind moves at the speed of light, and multi-tasking comes easily to you.

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