Gemini Horoscope for August 2022

Your August Horoscope for Gemini

If a normal visit of Mars is six or seven weeks, and this tour is seven months, will you lose any precious time by having the retrograde? Mars will be in good shape during the first weeks (August 20 to approximately October 10), but of course, your ruler Mercury will be throwing in his monkey wrench in September. Even so, you will have the first two weeks of October to launch new products and services, and start a new relationship of any type, whether business or personal. The time to act is from January 21, 2023 (a new moon in Aquarius), through glorious February to March 25, 2023, a period of nine weeks. As you see, you will not lose anything. In fact, you will gain more than others will with this powerful planet at your side, and once Mars is direct, you will be perceived as being more physically attractive, too—it’s all good.

Now let’s turn to your third house of communication, which was lit up on July 28 by the new moon in Leo, 6 degrees, just before the start of August. You may be working on a big project—something in the digital world, such as an app or podcast, or instead, a traditional book, screenplay, comedy routine, scientific white paper, research paper, feature news story, a documentary, or a complex application for a grant—there are many possibilities.

This new moon will bring you chances to plan quick, short-distance getaways, too. A new moon in Leo would have you craving sunshine and warmth but not to a place that is burning hot. You would likely be situated with cultural activities nearby as Leo (the place of the new moon) does not like to be in the wilderness in a tent—for Leo, anything less than a stay at the Four Seasons feels like camping. With a new moon in Leo, it seems you will need pampering. You will want to feel a bit of luxury, the opportunity to participate in sports, have breakfast on a tray from room service, dry cleaning services, access to a five-star spa, and a dip in a soothing turquoise swimming pool. Even two nights away in luxury accommodations like this would do the trick and rejuvenate you.

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