Gemini Horoscope for August 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

August 2018

Dear Reader,

August will be a month in contrasts. On one hand, with two retrograde planets, Mars and Mercury, the month will proceed slowly. There is no use in trying to push your favorite projects forward, for your efforts won’t work and you will just get more frustrated.

All planets go retrograde, but the three that orbit closest to earth, namely Mercury, Venus, and Mars, are the ones we feel the most strongly when retrograde. Now that Mars and Mercury are napping, you will do best by looking back to examine how things have gone so far for you this year.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

August is made for sharpening your communication skills, enjoying little quick trips, and generally giving yourself permission to slow down before your busy September starts up. If you love to do research, write, or compose music, for example, you can, for you might find the solitude of working alone a peaceful and soothing setting perfect for your spirit and your soul. Soon, as you get into the flow of the project, the world will drop away and you will be completely enveloped in the joy of your work.

Last month, you experienced two eclipses. The first one was a solar new moon eclipse in Cancer on July 12, and it may have brought you an opportunity to increase your income. Two weeks later, you went through a more difficult full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius on July 27. That eclipse seems to have brought you an awareness of a secret that someone held from you, and now that you know what it is, you have a completely different view of that person. As you enter August, you may still be thinking about that unexpected, jarring revelation you may have received after the July 27 eclipse appeared.

If someone lied to you and you now found out, it has to feel like a devastating betrayal. Eclipses are known to bring truth to the surface suddenly and often in an accidental off-hand way. Because this July 27 eclipse was such a difficult one with the tender moon conjunct angry Mars, and both in a bad angle (90 degrees) to unpredictable Uranus, you had the making of a hot situation. News likely stopped you in your tracks. This eclipse seemed to have brought an emotional time that marked an ending.

Mars and his brother, Mercury, are both retrograde most of this month, so it is never a wise time to sign a contract with these planets out of phase. Mercury controls negotiation and contractual agreements, and just as importantly, Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet. Mercury’s job is to take good care of you, but when he is sleeping in retrograde, he can’t live up to that part of his job description. If you sign papers prior to August 18 (the date Mercury goes direct this month), you will have to renegotiate the contract later anyway, or, worse, the endeavor will never fulfill the promise you envisioned. I would like you to leave a space of as many days as you can muster from August 18, at least until Mars goes direct on August 27.

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