Gemini Horoscope for April 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

April brings relief from Mars, the action planet, which spent seven months in Gemini and just recently left last month on March 25. Mars had you running from pillar to post, but sometimes you may have felt Mars was giving you too much stimulation. You enjoy being busy and love plenty of change, but the past seven months brought life over the top.

It is true that having Mars in your sign is a privilege too, for Mars is known to put a spotlight on the sign he travels through, so with Mars in Gemini for so long, that was you getting all the attention. You may have felt on display because your profile was high. At the same time, you showed courage, energy, and drive and an attractive, persistent “never-give-up” attitude. You may have started a new chapter or venture recently and are still working on guiding it to success.

Mars will now be in Cancer until May 20, and during this time, you may find you are spending more money than usual. Mars is in your second house of salary, and that’s a reliable sign you will be confronted by some large expenses, but luckily, you will only have seven weeks to go before you bid Mars goodbye. Next month, on May 20, Mars will move into an easier place for you to host him, the sign of Leo.

You may already be aware you’ll need to buy something expensive soon, or if you have your own business, you might invest in a product or service you feel will give you a competitive advantage. The cost you incur could be for almost anything, from taxes to student loans, but also for something you want, such as new clothes and accessories for the coming season. If you’re about to buy a big-ticket item, do so early in the month, for Mercury will retrograde in Taurus from April 21 to May 14. You are ruled by Mercury, so although everyone feels Mercury’s slowdown and its haywire effects in their daily life no matter what their sign is, you tend to feel it more. This is not a time to rush—just keep shepherding projects through to conclusion, paying extra attention to detail. Mercury rules travel and communication, so if you work in an industry devoted to these matters, you will feel Mercury retrograde even more strongly. All we can do is be deliberate about watching all aspects of life—so don’t rush, and stay focused.

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