Gemini Horoscope for April 2022

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

You have a dazzling month in store with planets acting like little loving friends who want the best for you. As you begin the month, there is a gaggle of planets gathering in your ninth house of curiosity, discovery, and intellectual expansion. To hone your skills in your specialty, you may be preparing to go to or return to college or graduate school. If you are finished with your formal education, you might be called upon to share what you know by writing, speaking, teaching on an advanced level, or appearing on television.

Distant travel is also possible for it is ruled by the ninth house, so you may be excited about taking a trip in early April. The pandemic may have clipped your wings (entirely or to some degree), so now that the outbreak is toning down, you may be aching to pack your bags and set off for a new setting. Gemini is one of the two travel signs, along with Sagittarius, and few activities make you happier than an impending trip taken for almost any reason.

The new moon of April 1 (or March 31, depending on your time zone) in adventurous Aries, 12 degrees, will bring a burst of joy to your days, weeks, and months to come. You are in a critical career period, so it would be wise to concentrate on what’s happening there (more about that in a minute). This new moon will add some fun and more time with friends, and you may cultivate a new friend this month, too. If you belong to a club, professional or social, you may want to check the program offerings as a lecture or event may appeal to you, and you won’t want to miss it.

Mars is setting up a direct link (a sextile, indicating opportunity) between your friendship house, which also rules happiness (eleventh house), and your professional house of career success and advancement (tenth house), so a friend could play an important role in your career now. Aries is associated with entrepreneurship and business, so you could be working on something innovative—something few people have experience with—now and in the coming months and years. This could be quite exciting.

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