Gemini Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Near the end of the previous month, March 28, you experienced a tender full moon in Libra, your fifth house of true love—if single, you may have met someone new and intriguing. If you’ve been dating your sweetheart a long time, you may have heard a confession of love or become engaged. That full moon received comforting, stabilizing beams from Saturn, suggesting the person you are smitten with could be the one that will stay with you a long time, possibly forever.

Also, on that Libra full moon March 28, Mars in Gemini reached out to Saturn in Aquarius. Together, those three heavenly bodies formed a golden triangle of harmony, and this had to be a joyous moment for you. Alternatively, news of a pregnancy or birth of a baby (yours, or that of a close relative) could have made you happy and excited. At work, your creative ideas will be receiving all-time high reviews, revealing the wide and impressive range of your imagination. It could have marked a gleeful moment.

Now, in this wonderful mood, the new moon of April 11 will meet with the traveling Sun in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes and will be joined by happiness planet Venus. The new moon will also be met by your guardian planet Mercury in perfect sync with Jupiter, the good fortune planet. Jupiter will perfect the timing of your actions and give you that elusive element of luck just when you need it.

Watch April 15 and 16, when a friend may make a gentle gesture to help you, and this will touch you deeply.

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