Gemini Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

At the same time, you will have four planets in your twelfth house of hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, and physical therapy centers, possibly because a family member or friend is temporarily in one of these places of confinement, and you will want to offer your assistance, cheer, and support. This emphasis on the twelfth house, where the Sun, Uranus, Venus, and Mercury will be based, could mean frequent interaction with medical personnel for yourself, a friend, or a relative.

If you are consulting a professional therapist to work on a matter that has puzzled or hurt your feelings, these planets could suggest a breakthrough in psychotherapy, for the twelfth house (where all these heavenly bodies are visiting) rules your subconscious mind. Watch next month, after the new moon May 11, when you could see special enlightenment. There is also the possibility that you may start therapy at that time. If you have not seen a therapist but have been meaning to do so, then next month, just after May 11, would be the right time to start.

The sixth house, where this jarring and emotional full moon on April 26 will occur, could express its energy in connection with a work assignment that is due. You might have a deadline or staffing problems or experience severe difficulty with your computer. You may be worried about lost data. If you work at a company, ask IT to update all its malware on your system early in April. If you are working on a project, it seems to be centered on writing, editing, or translation.

Not all the aspects to the full moon of April 26 will be difficult—Mars, watching what is going on from his perch in your second house of earned income, will reach out to the Sun and Uranus and help by bringing friendly vibrations. Mars will also be in an out-of-sign perfect trine (diving harmony) to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, and this may be the luck you need to figure things out in the eleventh hour. At first, things may seem to be going from bad to worse, but Jupiter has a way of bringing good news—even creating a miracle—at the last minute. Keep your spirits up, as this is a complicated full moon, but I feel you have enough working for you to come out sunny-side up.

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