Gemini Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The best part of April will come early, in the first three weeks. Do your best to get all your important actions and activities taken care of early in the month, so you can avoid the month’s end.

Your ruler, Mercury, is due to go retrograde at the end of next month from May 29 to June 22 in Cancer, your financial house, so one or two checks that are due you then might be held up, or a check you send out may never be received. If you feel a bill must be paid, you may want to wire it, as the mail will be slow with Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is your ruling planet, so you are more affected by this planet’s retrograde than most. If you need a computer or new smartphone—or any electronic, including kitchen appliances or a car—then get it in the first or second week of April. Stay as far away from May 29 as you can, or wait to buy what you need in early July.

Now, we come to the difficult full moon due on April 26 in Scorpio that will light your sixth house that covers your work assignments, co-workers, team members, and the tools and methods you use to get your job done. The sixth house also has bearing on your health.

The reason I am wary about this full moon of April 26 is because the Sun will be orbiting within 3 degrees of Uranus, making the Sun unstable. Also, at the same time, Uranus will be 180 degrees away from the full moon, found in your sixth house. In April, do not let your guard down on health matters. I am not sure if you will feel this full moon at work or regarding your health, but if you feel ill, be sure to consult a doctor without delay.

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