Gemini Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Looking ahead to this month, on April 6, Venus and Mars will be in contact, a highly romantic aspect. Mars will be in Gemini, and Venus will be in Aries. Venus will travel through your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, friendship, and fun, so this aspect seems tailor-made for you. Yes, this is a Tuesday, but try to schedule something special on April 6, even if it’s only that you whip up your favorite recipe at home, followed by a movie on Netflix or a regular network.

This seems to be your happy time of the year, for you will see that your friends will play a much larger than usual role in your life, after the new moon appears on April 11 and in the weeks that follow. A new moon in Aries will ask Mars to move front and center, and remarkably, Mars will reach out to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, positioned at the very top of your chart in your ninth house of foreign people and places. Jupiter’s position indicates that after the new moon, you may be working with a person who was raised in a different culture than you were. That person may be based in your country or a foreign country.

You would not need to travel, as Jupiter is in Aquarius, and that’s the futuristic sign of high technology, which you can use to keep communication flowing smoothly between you. The ninth house also rules college and graduate school, and broadcasting and publishing ventures, including all digital forms, such as podcasts, social media, websites, apps, VR, and AI or augmented AI. As a result of this new moon, legal matters also can be successfully navigated and addressed.

Mars will also be in friendly “sextile” to the new moon and Sun, an aspect that puts both the new moon of April 11 and the Sun 60 degrees away from Mars. This translates into an opportunity for you that may come up as a result of the kindness of a friend. Mars will be in touch with Venus too, at the same time and in the same house as the Sun and new moon—romance could easily become strong for you mid-month, just after April 11 and in the days and weeks to follow. This new moon might set off a lively pace to your social life, even in a pandemic.

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