Gemini Horoscope for April 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Full moons bring things to fullness, so you may have had a heavenly episode with someone you’re in an established relationship with or a person you’ve been dating. If you’re single, maybe you met someone new, a person you have good chemistry with and want to know better. Alternatively, you may have had fun with your children or a child that belongs to a friend or relative—no matter, fun is fun, in any which way it comes.

Alternatively, you may have taken an enjoyable trip to enjoy a change of scenery and breathe in the fresh air, allowing you to come home soon after the full moon wanes (within four days), feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

The effects of this full moon may have brought an important creative project to fruition at the end of March, and you’re proud of how well it came out—you should be! If you did finish a creative project, Saturn’s presence indicates there will be more assignments to come, ones that give you the same kind of joy. Mars’ position suggests you took control over how the project was done, and others agreed with your instincts.

All Gemini may have enjoyed the March 28 full moon, especially if your birthday falls on May 27, plus or minus four days. I had to address this full moon—it was so special that anything you initiated had a good chance of bringing you joy. I can’t see everything in your unique natal chart, but it sure looked like that part of the year stood out for you.

Jupiter and the Sun will make an exact hit on April 15, certainly a great day for you, so use it for an important meeting, presentation, interview, or humanitarian activity, or work on a digital project or hand in a finished manuscript.

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