Gemini Horoscope for April 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

April 2018

Welcome to April, one of my favorite months of 2018. This month has spectacular aspects in the first three weeks…

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You will be very centered on paying bills and doing taxes this month, almost to an obsession. Mars will move through your eighth house of other people’s money all month, a trend that started in March. Happily, Mars will be ready to leave on May 16 next month. If you feel that money is running out of your bank account at alarming rates, be cheered in knowing that your heavy check writing will abate, and you soon will feel more in control of your finances. It looks like you began planning for all that you are experiencing now back in January – there seems to be a connection between then and now, and it seems you might be going through a welcome or necessary transition. That would explain the high spending.

Financial news on April 2 may make you hesitate, and you may not immediately know how to handle the matter. On this day, Mars and Saturn will be conjunct, a meeting of fire (Mars) and ice (Saturn). Mars will make you want you to get moving forward, but Saturn will almost force you to slow down, with Saturn being the slower moving. The planets are sending mixed messages – stop, go, stop – but going slowly is the best way in the first half of April for several reasons.

On the positive side, Jupiter and Pluto will be in gorgeous angle to each other most of 2018 (until mid-September), and because Jupiter is in your workaday sector, and Pluto is in your other people’s money sector (running commissions, bonus, licensing fees, royalties, insurance payouts, scholarships, inheritance, prize winnings, and more), it looks like business will be brisk, and that your goods or services will be in high demand. Money will flow in, so you may be working on paying down such things as credit card balances, student loans, or taxes, as some examples. The amount you will see is likely to be generous, so be happy that I see good money coming in, even though outgo will be heavy, too.

Make your most decisive moves soon, with a plan to complete major business launches by mid-June. Jupiter and Pluto are the big money power planets, so these two can help you boost your financial outlook in a substantial way. You may have high expenses now, but you also have a masterful ability to be paid well, too. You can find a pipeline of money if you look for it. By mid-September, Jupiter and Pluto will spin off and not be as helpful as these two powerhouses are now. This is why I want you to be ready in mid-to-late month to assertively move forward on business ideas.

Mercury, your guardian planet (also called your ruler), will be retrograde this month until April 15. This is a holdover from last month, when Mercury first started to retrograde on March 22. Whenever you see Mercury is retrograde, you know the wind is changing direction. Until you can discern which way events are heading, you need to stand still and quietly observe events around you.

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