Gemini Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

For any new moon in Pisces, Neptune’s position is important to note, for Neptune rules Pisces. Miraculously, Neptune will be in ideal angle to good-fortune Jupiter, telling me you will have an amazing opportunity—something is coming up that will make you the buzz in all the right circles. Friends and critics alike will tell you that you deserve every bit of the adulation you are receiving now. This also suggests you will appear on television or otherwise have your image in the media for all the world to see because Neptune rules the silver image (in this case, of you). If you are self-employed, you can do a publicity, advertising, or social media campaign that would be very effective now.

This new moon will add a jewel to your crown, even though Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces in that very same tenth house of prestigious career advancement. I suspect that an idea you had developed earlier, possibly years ago, that for any number of reasons did not happen at the time, will come up again for a second look with a chance now to proceed. That offer could be very gratifying. Keep in mind that Neptune is in your tenth house of career and is speaking directly to Jupiter on your behalf, which is in your financial house. This indicates your actions and ideas could lead you to quite a bundle of cash.

There is more reason to be excited about your career in the last third of the month. Uranus, the surprise planet, will be in ideal angle to the new moon of February 23, suggesting you may be thunderstruck by a positive, surprise career development that will cause the industry you work in to perceive you in an entirely new light. The opportunity will come out of the blue and thrill you. Uranus and Mars will light the flame—lots will happen.

Down the road, Mars will be heading to your tenth house of fame and honors, from May 12 until June 27. That will be an important period in 2020 for your career advancement. You are receiving clues now of the direction your career is heading, so you must plant seeds, or these glittering aspects will disappear like perfume into the air. If you hope to earn respect and more influence in your industry, you must show the universe your intent and desire. Nothing happens without your participation, but I bet you are eager to showcase your talents and all you have to give the world.

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