Gemini Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you need to shop for new wardrobe items, this full moon of February 8, plus five days, could be an ideal time to find flattering selections. Because this full moon is in Leo, you may pay a little more than you expected, but you will love what you buy, now and forever. It’s likely to be a quality item, possibly created by a designer.

The planets in their respective orbits through deep space will be in perfect harmony on Valentine’s Day, February 14. If you have someone dear to you, by all means create a plan to celebrate your love. Some dating Geminis will become engaged on this magical night and kiss under a deep blue sky filled with shooting stars.

You’ve had Mars in Sagittarius (partnerships) since January 3. If you were collaborating quite a bit with others since then, you were using Mars the right way. It was time to listen to the ideas of the group and work to support the direction others wish to pursue, even if you feel that’s not the ideal way to go. You will have your turn—the universe is even-handed in letting everyone have a chance. Until February 16, you will need to be a good sport by not trying to be the leader.

If you regularly talk with experts like your agent, publicist, manager, or accountant, for example, or if you have a romantic partner, it seems over the past weeks you have allowed your partner in love or business to take the lead. If so, that’s the perfect way to deal with Mars in Sagittarius.

In love, if you are serious about each other, your partner may have a thrilling surprise for you this month.

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