Gemini Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Jupiter (money) and Neptune (creativity) will reach perfect alignment this month on February 20 and again later in 2020, on July 27 and October 12. The point is, however, these two planets need not meet in exact alignment to help you, for they will orbit in significant mathematical closeness from now until mid-November 2020.

Love will be most enchanting from February 7 until March 4, when Venus glides through Aries, a fire sign that blends beautifully with your air-sign element of Gemini. Sexy Mars will collaborate by being in your marriage and commitment sector until February 16. You should have lots of chances to relax with friends and meet new people, which is just your cup of tea.

For the attached Geminis, Valentine’s Day could turn out to be magical. If dating and serious, you may have a dream of an evening—you could become engaged. Married couples can now celebrate a private evening together. Cupid and his little fleet of angels will be flying above, creating quite an enchanting spell for you, dear Gemini. Just you wait and see!

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