Gemini Horoscope for February 2020

A Note from Susan Miller

february 2020

Dear Reader,

February will be quiet an exciting month, dotted with special days to bring you a variety of opportunities and good news. January was difficult for some readers, but February should be a happy little month packed full of twinkling stars to lift your spirits.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This has the makings of being an exciting month with surprises coming to various parts of your life. You will likely feel vibrant and lucky to be experiencing such a happy period. You seem to be traveling quite a bit now, as demonstrated by the new moon in fellow air-sign Aquarius late last month on January 24. When you read this, you may already be in a distant city or packing to go in February. As a Gemini, few things excite you like the prospect of an upcoming trip, so you will be in your full glory—now and in the weeks ahead. You can travel near or far or find a way to do both. Travel will give you what you need most­­—excitement and plenty of stimulation from being in different settings.

The full moon of February 8 (or February 9, depending on your time zone) will bring a communication-oriented event to fullness. You may be giving a speech, signing a contract, or finishing a special report, manuscript, or another document. If you write code, you may be ready to show an app you designed to the world, or you might launch an advertising or publicity campaign. Alternatively, you may debut your new podcast series. If you are in graduate school, you could be ready to defend your thesis. Mars, the action planet, will be perfectly angled to the full moon on February 8, so you will be confident and ready to roll into action. This is such a favorable full moon for you!

Also, at this full moon, Neptune, which currently resides in your professional tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, will be in direct conversation with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, now in your eighth house of jointly held money. What type of money might be involved? It is the kind of money that would arrive in a bundle, such as a commission, royalty, bonus, inheritance, or as a mortgage, student loan or university financial aid, bank loan, venture capital, or insurance payout for a claim, as some examples. Money from the eighth house tends to come in parcels—large chunks—sporadically. With Neptune linked to Jupiter, this says that your ideas and creativity (Neptune) will directly yield profits (Jupiter). This conversation between the two planets will be in play all year.

Let’s also look at the sign this February 8 full moon falls in—Leo, linked to theatre and entertainment. You may be ready to debut your screenplay or theatrical play to an audience. You may be chosen to be the actor to appear as the star of the show or to do a masterful voiceover for a children’s movie (Leo is associated with little munchkins). Leo also relates to beautiful design and the sophisticated use of color, so you may be completing an artistic project.

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