Gemini Horoscope for February 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

We have made it to February, a darling month, made all the sweeter because most of us have come through some tough tests in January, which held two eclipses (January 5 and 20) triggering one or two sudden changes. If you felt January was intense, you are not alone. I would like you to share your stories about the eclipses and other aspects on social media—each night I read every post. Please include your month and day of birth (no year necessary) so that I can see your sign and rising sign.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

February has the makings of a superb month—one of your favorites in 2019. The heavy expenses and strong emphasis on finances you experienced in January are over. You may have been busy gathering reports for your accountant, among other things, and it was a good month to complete all that work. It’s time now to open the shutters of your mind, spread your wings, and enjoy life.

The first aspect that will bring a smile to your face will occur over the weekend of February 2-3, when your ruler, Mercury (the planet of communication), will link up with Jupiter (the giver of gifts and luck). Any project involving one of the communication arts would turn out exceptionally well. You might choose to write, speak, lecture, design code, appear on TV, work on your website or blog, or record your podcast. Working with a partner (mate, friend, colleague, or expert) will shower your project with pixie dust, for Jupiter is moving through your partnership sector.

Your next stellar day comes immediately after the weekend on Monday, February 4, when the new moon shines in Aquarius (16 degrees), your ninth house of publishing, higher education, and long-distance travel. So sweet is this new moon that it appears you will be traveling to at least one distant point. I can see you will likely be excited about your trip. I am not sure why you will be heading to the airport, but no matter what it is, even if you are traveling for business, you will thoroughly enjoy your time away. Keep in mind a new moon opens a portal for ten days, and the actions you take in that time will have the power to add benefits to your life for a full year.

The new moon is in Aquarius—an air sign like your Gemini Sun—so this month will stir lots of conversation, and your plans will likely shape up fast. (January brought many earth-sign planets, so last month, everything moved along slowly. Air signs, like those in February, shift the momentum to fast!)

The best part about this new moon is the shimmering beam it will receive from Jupiter, indicating that an opportunity to make money will come up. Jupiter is in your partnership sector, so a collaborative arrangement—perhaps one that splits the proceeds or profits with someone or an entity (like a company)—will work out well for you. The moon in Gemini’s solar chart rules income, and that’s the reason I feel you will see money. If you will be returning to college or graduate school in the days following the new moon, planets in Aquarius will have you riveted and enthusiastic about new concepts and ways of approaching new ideas and projects and fully engaged with the material you will be working with this month.

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