Gemini Horoscope for December 2018

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

By New Year’s Eve, Saturn will be conjunct the Sun, a very somber, serious aspect that does not bode well for travel or lighthearted fun. Saturn is considered a frosty, cold planet, and when combined with the Sun, together they create an astrological oxymoron—no warmth, no fun. This aspect suggests difficult weather conditions could change your plans. Additionally, because Saturn will be in your sector of other people’s money, you may not be in the mood to spend any more money this month—you seem to have spent all your cash on gifts.

Instead, Saturn’s position suggests an important project will take center stage, and you will be rushing to finish it. Your entire chart seems to revolve around your evolving career, and this time you should keep your eyes on the ball. You have a tiger by the tail, dear Gemini, and you worked so hard to get to this place—you can’t become distracted. You are standing at the threshold of a great career victory.

These aspects are rare, and as said earlier, you will have the collaborators, partners, and talents in your circle to help you. Finally, the host of retrograde planets is turning direct, and your plans are about to click into place. Keep to the program, and you will have plenty to celebrate in February and March.

On New Year’s Eve, a glass of champagne and several gourmet appetizers or other treats, nibbled on with the one you love or with friends, is all you will need. It is not how much you spend, but who you spend your time with that matters and makes New Year’s Eve special

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