Gemini Horoscope for December 2018

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mercury is Gemini’s ruler and will retrograde until December 6, but after that, you can make announcements and decisions, confident you won’t change your mind later and that your choice will prove to be the right one for you. If you plan to buy a computer, headphones, or smartphone (or any other expensive electronics) as a gift or for yourself, wait until after December 6, plus a space of as many days as you can muster. It is always wise to leave days between the date Mercury goes direct and the date you actually start to buy electronics, a car, or even airline tickets.

This month you may form a new alliance, possibly in your personal life, such as to become engaged or married, just after the new moon of December 6, for it will light your seventh house of marriage. Your seventh house is essentially a contractual house, where you make a binding promise. This is why marriage falls in this seventh house sector. This same house also rules business partnerships and collaborations, such as the work you’d do with your agent, manager, financial advisor, publicist, writing partner, business partner, or even with an entity, such as with your advertising agency or publisher.

Put a big gold circle around December 21, a day when everything will go your way. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, will align with Jupiter, an exceedingly rare aspect, making everything you do on this magical day special. Sign a contract, give a promise, shop for a bargain, send in a manuscript, travel near or far, or have an important interview or date night—it’s all up to you. This is your day to spend as you please.

Money will be your main focus at the full moon in Cancer, one degree, on December 22, plus or minus four days. You seem to have to write a hefty check, and it may be somewhat hard to do. On the other hand, Uranus will be in a perfect angle to bolster your income, thanks to a surprise beam from this unpredictable planet. This shows you will likely end up with more money coming in than what you need to send out. Whew!

It is true that Saturn will be near the full moon, December 22, and will oppose the Sun, but mathematically, Saturn is considered far away—ten degrees away. While still within orb, and therefore worthy of comment, it isn’t as strong as it would be if the degrees were closer. You seem to have a writing assignment, or one involving editing or public speaking, and need to be working on that project as the year starts to wind down to a close. It’s possible the assignment is related to the money that comes to you. You will be working hard, but once you get to the last days of December, you seem to be ready to finish it. The pressure will come off immediately.

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