Gemini Horoscope for December 2018

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Also at this full moon, Saturn will orbit near the full moon, but not as close as Uranus will be, thank goodness. Saturn will be ten degrees away from the Sun and full moon, which is the far end of the range I use, so this is considered an aspect in wide degree. This suggests you will be writing checks, and while it might be a little painful to do so, you will have the money, so it won’t be too terrible.

I say that because Uranus will be working to help your finances and might send you money out of left field, in a friendly way, so I think you will do fine with this full moon. You may be doing savvy, year-end tax planning to take advantage of legal deductions you could take, according to your accountant’s advice, and it would be the right time to do so. It looks like you may work against the clock to finish a writing project before the end of the year, but you have worked long and hard to get the opportunities that are coming to you now, so you can celebrate later, after you complete the assignment.

New Year’s Eve has a very somber aspect. I can only imagine the weather will be very cold, and there could be heavy snow. If you live in Los Angeles or Athens, South America or Australia, then you are laughing at me—no snow is due. Yet it could be cold, and besides, Saturn brings delays, so you may be held up regardless of the transportation you choose. I would suggest you celebrate at home with the person you love or with one or two friends whom you might invite to stay over in your guest room. Saturn’s heavy presence on New Year’s Eve also suggests you won’t want to spend a lot of money, so having a small celebration at home may just hit the spot for you this year.


As you begin December, your career is shooting off exciting fireworks, for Mars will be circulating in your tenth house of career for the first time in two years. Neptune will be conjunct Mars at the new moon, December 6, suggesting you may be in the news, for Neptune rules the silver image, and in December, the image about to go out into the world seems to be yours.

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