Gemini Horoscope for December 2018

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

December 20 brings a lovely interplay between Uranus and the Sun. Uranus is the planet that brings unexpected news out of the blue. You may assume that the world is settling down for a long winter’s nap, because you will be so close to the holiday, but not so—you may be needed to use your communication skills for a client, quickly. Have your cell phone powered up and your computer near, dear Gemini. You are the wordsmith of the zodiac, so no wonder you are the one they call when they want the best person for the job.

The following day brings one of your favored days of the month, Friday, December 21. On this day, Mercury (now strong, not retrograde) will combine energies with Jupiter in a conjunction. I had advised you not to shop for electronics on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, for both days fell during the Mercury retrograde, but December 21 glitters—I feel you can find several extraordinary bargains on this day.

If you are looking for the right day to sign a contract, hands down, this is the best day of the month, and possibly all of 2018. If you are heading home and need a perfect date to travel without the likelihood of delays, choose December 21.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and with Jupiter in perfect alignment, December 21 should be glorious for you on so many levels. Use it for any important intention, for the force will be with you, dear Gemini!

At the full moon in Cancer, one degree, on December 22, you will be thinking about money. You will be polishing off bills, for sure, but you will likely see a surprise influx of income, too. Uranus will be divinely angled to that full moon and Sun, suggesting you’ll be thrilled with the news. The Sun has to do with your ability to communicate superbly, for it rules your third house of writing, editing, proofing, coding, translating, and other communication arts. With the Sun receiving a shimmering beam from Uranus, you may get a last-minute assignment—and it would pay well.

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