Gemini Horoscope for December 2018

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Let’s keep focused on the beneficial effects you will reap, if you team up with another person. If you are an agent or publicist, for example, you, too, will benefit from this dazzling trend. At least one of the artists/talents you have in your stable will do amazingly well for you financially and prove to be in high demand in the marketplace. Your everyday interactions with your talented client will be smooth as silk, too. The benefits of being in a one-on-one relationship will become quite clear after December 6.

You will likely travel with your partner overseas at some point in the coming year, and the experience, whether for personal or professional reasons, will be broadening, and if for business, profitable.

Put a big gold circle around December 21, a day when everything will go your way. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, will align with Jupiter, an exceedingly rare aspect, making everything you do on this magical day special.

Last month, on November 15, Mars entered Pisces and began to light the highest point in your chart, your tenth house of honors, achievement, and fame. Mars will move through this prestigious part of your chart for all of December. Your career is about to show breathtaking growth and success. Having Mars in such a position is sure to be an enormous benefit for you to garner the attention and admiration you deserve.

Mars takes two years to circle the Sun, so it’s been two years since you’ve had such favor from the Red Planet, considered the most energetic planet in our solar system. The ancient astrologers referred to Mars as the timekeeper of the zodiac, for when he came by a certain part of the chart, things start to happen. Your name will be on the lips of those in your industry and possibly out in the world, too. Arrange for a publicity or an advertising campaign to begin now. You can get your foot into the office of the VIP you hope to see. Life can’t always be this special, but while it is, take full advantage.

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