Gemini Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Month’s end brings one of the most glorious new moons of 2019, falling in Virgo on August 30. This new moon might bring a sterling opportunity to address a home-related goal. You could find a new apartment or house, or you could stay in your present house and call in the painters, make repairs, hire a contractor, declutter, or do any number of things to improve the look of your home. This new moon of August 30 will be one of the best moments of 2019 to buy, sell, or rent a new apartment or house or to browse furniture shops and model rooms to improve your décor. Start a vision board with tear sheets from home décor magazines to muse on design solutions.

Venus and Mars will make an exceedingly rare appearance together, swirling all over the velvet-blue sky amid twinkling stars to dance an enchanting dance of love on August 24. Have a party, invite a guest in your home (it has to be at home), or cook up a magical dinner just for your sweetheart/spouse. You won’t be sorry you did. Venus and Mars won’t be back to Virgo to embrace like this for more than two decades.

Your analytical mind will meet your prescient mind in the last week of the month, on August 26, 28, and 29, when Venus, then Mars, respectively, contact Uranus in a supremely friendly way. Your subconscious mind will pick up information subtly, on instinct, and although you will have no hard facts to back up what your inner voice is telling you to do, those feelings are being sent to you to protect you. You can trust them.

Also on these days, you may hear of a secret that suddenly surfaces. Rather than have a quick reaction, think about what you hear and what your best response should be.

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