Gemini Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

On August 24, Venus and Mars will be in a rare dance of love in your home sector. Venus and Mars won’t conjoin again in Virgo like this (in your home sector) for more than 20 years. Give a cocktail party, dinner party, or barbeque, or cook up a highly romantic dinner for the one and only in your life. Or take your mother to lunch at a fabulous restaurant—she sacrificed for you, so it’s your turn to treat her.

Next, on August 26 (felt on August 25, too), you will have Venus in divine angle to Uranus—a perfect aspect for a direct hit by Cupid’s arrow, totally by surprise. You may feel thunderstruck. These days are full of fun and serendipity.

Finally, a very powerful aspect, Mars in heavenly trine (pure harmony) with Uranus on August 28—again, more surprises, this time in matters of home, real estate, decorating, or a gathering you have at your home

Can you believe your luck, dear Gemini? July may have been intense, but August seems primed for sheer happiness.


You will likely tap your considerable talents in communication during this busy month. The new moon on July 31-August 1 in Leo affecting the first two weeks of August, along with the Sun, Mars, and Venus, will all crowd into your third house, ruling this part of your life. If you are a professional writer, your agent will have a big part to play in your success in winning you fascinating assignments. Publicity is likely to follow you, too.

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