Gemini Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

There’s another part to the fourth house of home, and that is not to change your space, but to focus more of your time and attention on family and to nurture those bonds. You may decide to help your mother or father, such as to fix little things around the house, to help with bill paying or to find a new medical specialist, or in a more long-term manifestation, to locate a proper assisted-living facility for an aging relative who likes the idea of the move. Alternatively, you might want to find a companion to live with your mother at home. (That’s what we did with Little Mom when we found Annie to live with her for six years. Annie became a member of the family.) Or you might want to spend more time with your son or daughter or the new baby that has just been born into your clan. That little bundle of life will bring so much happiness to everyone in the family. If you want to rent a cottage and invite family to spend a fun week, it will be a decision you will always look back upon fondly.

Another big plus is that Uranus will stop picking on you at month’s end, and instead of driving you crazy by having people jump out of potted palms with news of another obstacle, will support all of your projects. Uranus in Taurus will send his sparkling beams to Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the new moon and Sun. This time, Uranus’ unexpected messages will be positive, welcome ones, and bring all kinds of joyous surprises.

Before I go, I have other days I want to point out, and they are simply spectacular. They will all lead to the new moon in Virgo on August 30, for the little planets will be there, bopping up and down, excited for the arrival of the new moon. They want to arrive early so that the gracious moon encapsulates all their good energies into that new moon that she then packages and sends out to you on August 30. These planets are moving slowly, so although they will occur earlier than August 30, you will absolutely feel them at this new moon

Here they are:

On August 21, Mercury and Jupiter will be communicating perfectly (they will be in a heavenly trine), and this could be the best moment of the summer for a Gemini. If you are closing on a house or signing a lease, you could not wish for a better day. Any contract signed on this day seems to bring a wonderful win-win situation for both parties.

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