Gemini Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

That full moon on August 15 will attract shimmering vibrations from Jupiter in your house of partnership. This suggests that a middleman will help you see success at that time. It could be your agent, manager, business partner, writing partner, guidance counselor at college, art director, publicist, social media manager, or another person who collaborates closely with you. It also could be your marriage partner, your lawyer, banker, or someone else who believes in you and your idea and will go to the mat to see you do well.

At the full moon, something culminates and reaches the finish line. It seems you are very happy, but Uranus will still be thorny, poking at Mercury, your ruler. This means, despite all the good words you hear, you need to be cautious due to Uranus’ battle with Mercury. At the same time at this complex full moon, Saturn and Pluto will be beautifully oriented to Neptune, bolstering your reputation and the income you derive from such funds as commissions, royalties, licensing fees, venture capital, insurance payouts, a court settlement, and even divorce agreements.

As you move closer to the end of August, you will become fairly obsessed with your home or with your relationship with family members. You will have five heavenly bodies stacked up in your fourth house of home. There are so many ways you can use the combined energies of Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the Sun and new moon (right at the end of the month, August 30) to embellish your private life. (That is half the solar system!)

The fourth house is all about your physical space—how your apartment or house looks and feels, and also how your residential space supports your lifestyle. The new moon will allow you to make repairs, paint, reorganize storage, reconstruct, redecorate, or even move to a new house or condo entirely. Or you may buy, sell, rent, or look into renting a vacation cottage for a week or two. This new moon, falling so late in the month, will have dominion over your actions in early to mid-September.

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