Gemini Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mercury, your ruler, nicely moving ahead this month, will be in friendly contact with Neptune, so you may be on film or doing a photo session. If you write music or work in the arts, you could make an important sale in early August.

Uranus will be in a feisty mood at the time of the new moon (in the first two weeks of August) and in a difficult 90-degree attitude toward the Sun and new moon—likely to bring up a surprise obstacle that will seem to come out of left field. Uranus is in your hidden twelfth house, so I am not sure how you can anticipate this. Since Uranus is the planet of all things unexpected, what you’re not looking at is what is possible. Sometimes we just have to be open to what happens. I will say that Uranus rules computer data, so protect your by backing everything up.

If your birthday falls on May 29, plus or minus five days, you will feel the benefits of this July 31-August 1 new moon the most. The same is true if you have Gemini rising at nine degrees or any natal planet in Gemini at that degree, plus or minus five degrees. You will have so much help from the Sun, new moon, Venus, and Mars, I say to you, do not stress. Just keep an antenna up for something out of the blue. You are an adaptable, flexible soul, so of all the signs, you deal with this kind of unexpected development best.

One set of days will be outstanding—August 5 and August 6—when good-fortune Jupiter will reach out to the Sun and shower you with luck, happiness, and also the promise of your seeing money. This is the day to schedule a negotiation, travel, have an interview or presentation, or hand in sample work to an editor. The accent will still be on your ability to persuade, to think and speak clearly, sell, write beautifully, and most of all, inspire others.

You may assume you have completed your long-distance travel, but I am not so sure. The full moon on August 15 in Aquarius at 22 degrees will be divinely compatible to your Sun. You may be boarding a plane again in the month’s second half within five days, plus or minus, of August 15. Travel is favored, and you may be designing a long-distance journey that you will take later in the year. You may be dealing with people abroad and shaping a venture. Alternatively, you may be talking about a publishing or broadcasting project or announcing you will go back to college, this time to graduate school, and preparing to sign up for classes.

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