Gemini Horoscope for August 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Turning your attention to this month, August will be tailor-made for travel. What a sunny, wonderful month you have in store! It starts with the new moon that will shine July 31 (in New York and LA) or on August 1 in Europe—those places are just examples of when the new moon arrives. What matters is the beautiful new moon will open up opportunities to hit the road and experience new sights and sounds in the entire two weeks that follow. Your timing will be ideal.

It looks like you will head to the airport, rail station, or hop in your car in the first or second week of August. With four heavenly bodies in your third house, which rules nearby cities, it is not likely you will go to a foreign country. Even so, it will surely be a fun trip. Jupiter in your partnership sector will be beaming golden rays to all the planets: Venus, Mars, the Sun and new moon, all in your third house, and that is sure to bring happiness, and possibly profit too, should you need to travel for work. With Mars there, you will be aching to go.

One set of days will be outstanding—August 5 and August 6—when good-fortune Jupiter will reach out to the Sun and shower you with luck, happiness, and also the promise of your seeing money.

The third house is also your communication house, so you may be doing what you do best—writing and speaking. Gemini is the scribe of the zodiac, known to be outstandingly talented in all the communication arts. This month it seems someone will discover that talent and be willing to discuss your book or a monthly magazine column, your screenplay, or the possibility of you hosting a podcast, radio show, or television show. Or you may be interviewing app developers, advertising agency experts, social media directors, editors, publicists, marketing people, or similar experts to fill a spot you had in mind.

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