Capricorn Horoscope for July 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

July 2019

Dear Reader,

This will be a big month, for we have two major eclipses, one July 2 in Cancer, and the other July 16 in Capricorn. Eclipses are a big deal in astrology, because they are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to shake us awake and create instant change. If you know your rising sign, read for that sign as well, for both forecasts would apply to you, and you will have a 360-degree picture of the month ahead.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month may initially seem to you to be solely about a close relationship, but in truth, it’s also about your feelings and what you need from a partner to be happy. You will see this to be true by the two eclipses this month in Cancer and Capricorn due, respectively, on July 2 and July 16. This certainly is an important month for you, and if you have been hesitant or unsure about a certain partner you are tied to in love or in business, you will have new information this month to clarify the situation that will help you decide what to do next.

You may find out that your partner is perfect for you and that you should sign papers or marry soon (I suggest August or, better yet, September). Or, you may find that you must leave, as this relationship is simply not working despite the hard work you’ve put into it.

The new moon solar eclipse (a total eclipse of the Sun) will arrive on July 2 in Cancer, 11 degrees, and center your attention on your partner. This person might be your romantic partner who you are married to, or it may be your business partner or collaborator. If you are single and only dating casually, you won’t feel this eclipse, but if you have been dating a long time in an exclusive, established relationship, the eclipse will likely affect you, too.

The seventh house, where the July 2 eclipse will appear, is the house of marriage or serious commitments to a partner or collaborator in love or business. A written or verbal contract usually is needed that both parties agree to, for this is a serious relationship with certain legal assurances, protections, privileges, and responsibilities on both sides.

You had a similar set of eclipses nineteen years ago on July 1 and July 16, 2000, in the same signs and degrees as the eclipses this month. Can you recall anything important that happened back then? It would have brought a decision regarding a close love relationship or one in business, such as with your business partner, agent, or publicist? No events repeat exactly in life for the planets standing near the eclipses have since changed dramatically.

The new set of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn that will appear this year and in 2020 will have you thinking about your alliances and how to make them work better in the future. You will look at your partner’s role in the alliance and also your own. Do you trust too much or too little? Are you both active and involved, or is the weight of the relationship lopsided? Do you feel your partner is detached and hardly there, or is your he or she alert and working hard with you to make the relationship grow? Is there full transparency between you, or are secrets being hidden? If the latter, those secrets will come out at eclipse time.

This eclipse series in Cancer and Capricorn started on July 12, 2018, and continued earlier this year with a new moon eclipse in Capricorn on January 5, 2019. Two more arrive this month, and one will relate directly to a certain meditation you had about someone in your life last January. It seemed you heard information then about someone close but were not ready to act on it. Now, with the eclipses of this family of signs on July 2 and July 16, the discussion will advance to a higher, more sophisticated level. It seems this month you will be able to make a decision. Sometimes life decisions take time and preparation to act on, but after these eclipses are over this month, your mind will be clear, and you will be sure about what you need to do in the months to come.

This month you will delve into one of your relationships and decide where you would like to take it next, to grow closer in commitment or, if you have been unhappy, to end it. This meditation will come up because of the two eclipses due July 2 and July 16, and both will bring information to the surface that you had not been aware of before now.

A new moon opens a new path, and the first one, a new moon solar eclipse July 2, is in your opposite sign of Cancer (180 degrees and six months away from your sign). New moon solar eclipses are usually joyous. They open a new path or new chapter, and they are all about fresh beginnings and opportunities.

The best part about this eclipse has to do with the position of Uranus, planet of all things unexpected, newly minted in fellow earth-sign Taurus in March 2019 for a seven-year stay. Uranus will get along perfectly with your sign and shower you with golden, electric vibrations. This eclipse could bring a big surprise, but keep in mind you might have more than one partner in life—a collaborator like an agent or manager at work, and a spouse at home—and the revelation could come up in either relationship. This is the planet of the unpredictable, so a proposal for marriage may happen now, or a partnership in a business might start to shape up.

Neptune will be beautifully encouraging at the July 2 solar eclipse, for Neptune will send a trine to your relationship sector, contributing the highest level of harmony possible. Neptune will provide inspiration and creative ideas to any relationship, and if the relationship is romantic, deeper love. On the other end of the sky, Neptune will send silvery rays to Saturn, indicating that if you work in the arts, you can now create things of beauty for the ages.

Saturn, your ruling planet, will oppose the Sun, so this offers another possibility, and a lot depends on where your relationship has been headed. This could put a strain on things, and if you have not talked through the major topics of your alliance, you may be shocked to discover that you are not on the same page on all key matters. Plans and goals you assumed you shared should not have been taken for granted. Check all assumptions, even the most basic ones.

Alternatively, your relationship may be fine, but under these eclipses, your health may suffer. It is a good time for a checkup, so make that appointment with your doctor. You will need to be sure you have enough calcium for Saturn opposed to the Sun is known to leech calcium from the teeth and bones. Ask your doctor to do a test and to recommend what, if anything, you should do, based on the findings. Protect bones, teeth, stomach, digestion, and for women, breasts. If your birthday falls on January 2, plus or minus four days, you will be dealing with Saturn directly.

Sometimes when a total eclipse comes by and a relationship is weak, your partner may be eclipsed out, so to speak, triggering a breakup. This is always possible on an eclipse because the universe wants to see progress and strength. If your relationship is unhappy, has languished, is toxic, or if the parties truly do not want to be together, the eclipse will do what you could not do for yourself—and end it.

Eclipses are legendary for their ability to bring news up to the surface that has been hidden. You may find a piece of news that could change your entire view of the relationship. Or, this could refer to a business partner who has been working at cross-purposes to you, and if so, that tie might need to end. Keep in mind that if you feel you have a happy relationship, you may discover your mate loves you far more than you ever imagined, or that your business partner is as committed as you are.

If your birthday that falls on December 31, plus or minus four days, you will feel the July 2 eclipse more directly than your Capricorn friends who were born at other times of the sign. The same is true if you have Capricorn rising or the natal moon at 11 degrees , plus or minus four degrees. If you have a natal planet in Cancer or Capricorn at 11 degrees, plus or minus four degrees, you will see that planet light up on that portion of your life.

The month’s second eclipse will be an emotional full moon lunar eclipse July 16, in Capricorn 24 degrees, and will focus on you and your own desires. Pluto will conjoin this eclipse, giving it force and clout, but being that both the eclipse and Pluto are in Capricorn, that tends to point to you. Don’t come on too forcefully if you are hoping to engender cooperation, for using a hammer to hit a gnat will have the opposite effect. Neptune will still be supportive to the eclipse, as it will be throughout the month, suggesting a more poetic, softer approach will work best when working with partners and presenting your point of view.

Pluto’s opposition to the Sun is perhaps the hardest aspect of this full moon eclipse, suggesting that one of the parties, you or your partner, has an intransigent attitude and looks unwilling to give an inch. A dispute with a business or romantic partner might center around money, for the Sun rules jointly held assets—property, cash savings, stocks, bonds, and other items of value—and the Sun will be directly in conflict with Pluto.

Uranus, not to be outdone, will send a troublesome beam to Venus on July 16, and Venus is the engine that runs your tenth house of career. This suggests you could experience turbulence in your career in the days circling July 16 (plus or minus five days). Uranus will also rattle Mercury, which runs your workaday sector, the sixth house of assignments. You will need to keep monitoring projects at the office as part of a project, perhaps creative in nature, could go off the rails the minute your turn away.

If your birthday falls on January 15, plus or minus four days, you will feel this eclipse. The same is true if you have Capricorn rising at 24 degrees or the natal moon of that degree, in both cases plus or minus five degrees.

This month seems to have every possible aspect, for guess what? Mercury will be retrograde all month, from July 7 to July 31. You will feel Mercury’s impending retrograde the moment the month begins. (In fact, you began seeing slowdowns, postponements, miscommunications, and forgetfulness pop up as early as June 20.)

It is already too late to sign documents in July. Mercury is at his very worst behavior at the start and end dates of the retrograde, so coming up close to the date it begins or ends would be a terrible idea.

Do not hire a new recruit or start a new job yourself, for the job description would change. If you are going back to a company you used to work with or to a boss you worked with years ago, you aren’t starting a new relationship but continuing a relationship that began a long time ago. In that case, you may be okay to start.

All my friends call me to see if I will bend the rules on Mercury retrograde. I will not. It does not matter if talks have been in progress for months—it is when you accept the job and also when you begin that counts. It might be the day you sign papers or shake hands to say yes, you will accept the offer. If you are starting a new business, it is the date of incorporation or the date you first opened your doors. If your company went public, the date of your company’s first trade on the stock market will matter very much.

Do not buy electronic products or machines in July for Mercury rules those, too. In other words, don’t buy a car, computer, smart phone, television set, or even a vacuum cleaner or kitchen appliance like a dishwasher or refrigerator.

I mentioned earlier that you might have differences over money with your partner, and in this month that seems to have everything, there will be another new moon (not an eclipse) that will appear on July 31 in Leo and offer you hope.

Jupiter will be in ideal angle and sign to bring financial benefits to your eighth house, which rules financial income and obligations. That house rules shared property, university financial aid, scholarships, credit, loans, mortgages, venture capital, child support, division of property in a divorce, taxes, inheritances, gifts, bonuses, commissions, and royalties. It is money that usually comes to you in one large chunk rather than evenly parsed out like salary on say, a bi-weekly basis if you work for others. It is also large sums you pay out to others, such as the down payment on a house, as one example.

Jupiter will be a blessing to protect your interests, but I have to admit, this will be no cake-walk. Uranus will be in dispute with the Sun causing problems over money, and the topic that comes up would be unexpected. Jupiter will help—you may see money come in and go out, but at least you’ll be able to keep up.

I promise, you will find August a very positive month, and September even better. July would not be the month to plan a holiday, but September would be divine for travel. See if that is possible, dear Capricorn.


This month you will delve into one of your relationships and decide where you would like to take it next, to grow closer in commitment or, if you have been unhappy, to end it. This meditation will come up because of the two eclipses due July 2 and July 16, and both will bring information to the surface that you had not been aware of before now.

At the new moon solar eclipse of July 2, your attention will be trained on your mate or steady lover. Alternatively, this solar eclipse may draw your attention to a business relationship, say, with your business partner, lawyer, accountant, agent, manager, publicist, digital director, advertising director, social media manager, writing partner, or other expert who collaborates with you. In this relationship this person would be equal to you. Whether the relationship you are thinking about is romantic or business in nature, the seventh house, which covers these unions, is likely to have required a written or verbal contract.

Saturn, the teacher-taskmaster, will challenge the Sun and moon so you may be getting ready to make a serious commitment to a partner or fulfill a promise you had made to this person earlier. Mercury, the planet ruling contracts, will be retrograde from July 7 to July 31, so this would not be the month to sign any binding legal agreement or to state it verbally. This will be true from the moment the month begins because we always feel the effects of a debilitated Mercury ahead of the date it goes retrograde.

The Sun is the natural ruler of your eighth house of money that you and another person or institution hold jointly, such as money that you hold with a bank, sponsor, or other lender. A mortgage, bank loan, venture capital, or insurance payout would be examples that describe an eighth house matter. Taxes also come under this house. Saturn will oppose the Sun, so you may have a dispute with a partner about money.

Mars is currently touring this part of your chart, your eighth house, so it appears to be a time of high expense, and money seems to be leaving your account. If you have a major lifestyle change underway, such as if you are getting married, having a baby, buying a house, or going to graduate school, the high expenses are natural and expected. Mars, however, will receive angry vibrations from Uranus, so you may encounter a surprise expense, or you may have a sudden, heated argument with your partner about money. This July 2 solar eclipse will affect you if your birthday falls within four days of December 31.

Additionally, hard days to discuss money will be July 11 and July 29.

The next eclipse arrives July 16 as a lunar full moon eclipse in Capricorn, 24 degrees. You will be asked to make a decision about a close relationship, and it will be up to you to state what you’d like to do. Pluto will conjunct the moon and will make you strong and sure of your convictions, but even so, it would be best to use a light touch.

Money will again come up as a topic of discussion at the July 16 lunar eclipse, but this time, you might be digging through records to come up with an answer to a question. Again, Uranus will be causing a ruckus, picking a fight with warrior Mars, and that could bring up still another unexpected expense or a disagreement with a partner over money—it might be money that your partner has tried to keep hidden.

Mercury will be retrograde almost all month, a time when machines or digital items require repair, possibly the reason you’ll need to spend more than usual now.

There is no need to be concerned, because just two weeks later, at month’s end, there will be a second new moon in Leo on July 31, and you’ll have a solid chance to generate a large sum of money in the ten days that follow in the very area that brought financial difficulties. Jupiter will be in perfect angle to four heavenly bodies in your eighth house of joint income, so by this point in the month, you will have a dazzling outlook for money. Uranus will again bring sudden shocks over money, but at least you will have money coming in. August will be a better month for financial negotiations and talks—if things don’t seem to be clicking in July, they will fall into place in August.

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