Capricorn Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Saturn, your ruler, which has been retrograde since last May 23, will go direct on October 10. When your ruler goes direct, that’s a key sign that things will start moving forward in your favor without so many glitches. It appears lately you’ve been looking back over events and analyzing various financials of past months. That trend is about to change when you turn to face forward toward your future. Saturn is based in your second house of earned income.

If you have any financial meetings on October 15, when the Sun and Jupiter are in sync, things should go your way. Although Jupiter and Mercury will still be retrograde, you will be close enough to both planets’ turning direct, and you will feel the good energy on October 15. Jupiter has been retrograding since June 20.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, also currently based in your second house of earned income, will turn direct on October 17. Jupiter has been protecting your income, but once he is moving in strong direct orbit, he can help you now in a more effective way to help you scale greater heights. Jupiter is due to leave your salary house on December 28, not to return to this part of your chart until 2032, so do all you can to negotiate a decent raise or new salary now while your aspects sparkle like diamonds in the Sun.

The full moon on October 20 in Aries, 27 degrees, will bring a conclusion to a real estate, home, or family matter. You might be moving, and if you are packing up, it appears you are being motivated by professional opportunities in the new region. You may receive an offer and want to move to take advantage of it. Alternatively, you might want to move because your present residence has become too costly due to rising expenses.

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