Capricorn Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

What I didn’t expect was a deadly pandemic—I didn’t think what the world has been going through was even possible in modern days. I didn’t look for such an event in the charts, so I didn’t find it. Had my antenna been up, I would have checked the spread of yellow fever in New York City, 1795-1798, because I would have discovered Pluto and Jupiter were aligned back then, too. Also, I looked into the Spanish flu that killed millions of people in 1918 and found Jupiter and Pluto were in conjunction then as well.

I also didn’t know that Pluto rules viruses and bacteria, but I did know Pluto rules governments, the masses, and at times, death. (We hear daily reports of the totals of those who fell victim to coronavirus in each location on the news each evening.)

You can always feel the coming meeting of two big, slow-moving planets about three to four weeks ahead of time. Jupiter and Pluto were happy to see each other and had dinner to plan what they would do for society. Jupiter, the great expansive planet, must have been drinking a little too much wine, for when they were talking, Pluto asked Jupiter if he would help him spread this virus, and Jupiter replied, “Oh sure.” What was Jupiter thinking?

Anyway, Jupiter and Pluto first met on April 4, a time we all remember as the first sign of how deadly this virus is. Italy and New York City struggled terribly, as did other locations.

The second time Jupiter and Pluto met was June 29, but both were retrograde and therefore weaker. Nevertheless, the resulting spike of the virus was bad in July. In the US, Florida through the southern states struggled with hospitalizations, including Arizona and Texas plus California, Oregon, and up to the state of Washington.

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