Capricorn Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Capricorn

Uranus will be active, but his opposition to the full moon is 10 degrees away from a direct opposition. That’s still within the area of significance, but exactly on the borderline. (I allow 8 degrees for an aspect from another planet to a normal full or new moon, but I allow 10 degrees of space between two planets in conjunction or opposition or other aspect for an eclipse.)

I am not sure if you will feel the jarring, surprising, sudden news of Uranus regarding a friend, but you might. If a friend gives you information at this eclipse—most likely in an offhand way—you may find it too much to bear and leave that friendship. However, there are some sweet aspects going on simultaneously to help the situation. Mars will be in perfect angle to the full moon eclipse, offering a comforting sense of security, and Neptune, traveling with Mars and also beautifully angled to the full moon, can offer inspiration and unconditional love.

It is possible you will experience a major social event, such as an invitation to your best friend’s wedding. Or you may be going to a convention that will prove pivotal to your career progress after you learn more about what is happening in your industry. My point is that anything that happens on an eclipse is usually important, for eclipses often bring news with lasting impact for weeks, months, and possibly forever. Their impact cannot be underestimated, so watch what comes up at this time.

Your eleventh house, where the May 15 eclipse is located, rules not only friendship but also groups, so you may be elected to chair an important committee of a club, or even be elected to be president. You might be a controversial candidate for the position, so some swirling opinions among those in the organization may arise, but you can win those doubters over by presenting an organized, well thought-out plan. You may put on a charity function at this time and raise more money for the cause you support than anyone in the history of that charity. Do you think that’s impossible? I did that once for a fundraiser I headed up—it makes you feel incredibly happy.

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