Capricorn Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Capricorn

Saturn has to go somewhere, so from March 7 until February 2026 Saturn will set up shop in your third house of communication. Here Saturn will teach you to communicate clearly and effectively. You may write a book or screenplay, develop advertising copy, write your thesis, or learn how to put together interesting press releases or marketing reports. You may create a popular podcast series, become a speech writer, or develop a new app with a team. If you are a lawyer who does courtroom work, you will discover how to run rings around the other side in your opening and closing remarks. You will be able to direct what you learn in any way you please. These are simply examples to get you thinking. You will learn to write, edit, negotiate, persuade, enlighten, debate, clarify, direct, and be able to put a multitude of things in a sharper more polished way in the future.

Hosting Saturn in your third house of communication will be enormously easier than where Saturn has been, for the third house is a “cadent” house—considered milder than the one Saturn had occupied before. The universe knows you need a rest from Saturn’s strenuous demands, so indeed you will get it. I feel you will enjoy learning about the communication arts, even if you’re just able to better communicate in your personal life.

Pluto is changing signs, too, this month, and that’s headline news. He will take the place of Saturn in your second house of income. Instead of teaching you to see the value of planning for the future and not indulging in instant gratification, Pluto can teach you how to become truly wealthy. You will learn about investing and all the various financial options you have to build wealth. You may be given an inheritance that you will realize must be handled wisely if you are to have financial security in the future. You may have to assist a family member who needs financial help for a certain period, and if so, you would volunteer to do this—no one will force you.

Pluto is changing signs this month, and that’s headline news. Pluto can teach you how to become truly wealthy.

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