Capricorn Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Capricorn

by Susan Miller

Talkative Mercury will be on hand to improve communication as he moves into Cancer and your relationship sector on June 17 (the same day as Venus) and will stay until July 2.

The full moon on June 21 will be the first of two consecutive full moons that will appear in Capricorn one month apart. The first one this month will appear on June 21 at the energetic 1 degree of Capricorn. Next month, the second full moon will appear on July 21 at 29 degrees, the degree of completion.

During each of these full moons, something that is dearly important to you is coming to a culmination or a finish line. If your birthday falls on or within four days of December 21, you will feel this month’s full moon the most. If I asked you, “What is most important to you?” you might reply, “I don’t know—many things.” If that is how you would answer, watch what comes up at this full moon, and you will know the answer—the universe will show you.

If your birthday falls at the end of Capricorn, anywhere from January 15 to January 19, you will feel next month’s full moon more directly.

What if your birthday falls at a different time of the month, somewhere in the middle? You can do your chart on my website, On the home page, scroll down and select “Free Natal Birth Chart.” If you know your birth time, insert it in the fields provided and make sure “Placidus Tropical” is selected as the House System. Do this on your laptop, not your smart phone, so you can print the interpretations I wrote for you.

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