Capricorn Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your finances seem to be consuming your attention all month. Since last month, June 11, Mars has been increasing expenses, and you may have had to put more than usual on your credit cards. This spending will calm down after Mars departs from Leo, July 29.

Alternatively, you may have gone to the bank for a loan for something expensive you need, such as a car. It is also possible you are going through a major lifestyle change, such as going to college or graduate school, getting married, moving house, having a baby, starting a business, or are in the process of a divorce, as some examples. All big life changes bring expensive periods to bear but are worth the cost, and things can stabilize after you’ve made your transition. That’s when you can begin to build savings. Your outlook for making good money is superb during the second half of 2021, so don’t stress out.

Venus is traveling with Mars, so the item you buy will be quite beautiful. Taskmaster Saturn, however, will be traveling in wide opposition to the Sun and conjoin the tender full moon in your second house of earned income, so Saturn will make sure you won’t overpay.

This full moon will bring to climax all that you’ve been thinking about and discussing earlier. Full moons bring conclusions.

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