Capricorn Horoscope for January 2024

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Your Horoscope for Capricorn

It’s birthday time, and the little planets are gathering around you like happy friends to give you a special greeting and provide you with an advantage in any and all situations. Pluto and Mars are both in Capricorn, and although Pluto will leave by January 20 to enter Aquarius, he and Mars will both be on hand when the new moon and her partner the Sun arrive as a majestic couple on January 11. Watch life brighten in the days and weeks to follow that new moon.

You will feel more control over events than you’ve felt in months, and several planets are standing by to greet the Capricorn entourage. Uranus will beam the Sun and new moon in Capricorn, 21 degrees, on January 11, adding an unexpected, friendly surprise that is likely to thrill you. Uranus is based in your fifth house ruling new love, true love, romance, and fun, and this is also the house that rules conception, birth, and the care and enjoyment of children. Additionally, the fifth house rules artistic expression stemming from the depth of your imagination. One or more of these areas is in line for a big boost from Uranus, a delicious prospect, indicating your happy surprise will arise from this private, emotional loving part of your chart.

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