Capricorn Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s talk about the beautiful new moon in Capricorn, 23 degrees, which seems perfect and made just for you. Saturn will play the lead here, as Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn will be in your second house of earned income, but he’ll be in conflict with Mars and Uranus in your love sector. You may be concerned about money you will need to put out on behalf of your children (or in regard to a fertility doctor) because Mars and Uranus are in harsh angle to Saturn and Jupiter in your second house. You might have to recalculate and figure out how to make your plan work.

If it is not your children that you are thinking about, it could be a someday vacation (say, in the last week of August or in the first three weeks of September) or something else you had your heart set on.

Still, you have so many good things to cheer about at this new moon. The full moon December 29 put your partner in the spotlight, but this new moon will be all about you. It will clarify your thinking about what you need to be happy in life and also help you plan for 2021. You may hear exciting news about your career, for Venus rules your solar mid-heaven (tenth house cusp) and will receive a gorgeous beam from Uranus. If you get a promotion, a new job offer, special recognition or publicity, or a new client that you didn’t expect, your chart suggests you will make a major step up in your industry reputation.

At this new moon January 12, if you are self-employed and bring in new business, you still have a preponderance of planets in earth signs, so the same rules apply—be practical, realistic about the time, money, and crew you will need to complete a project. Stay within budgets.

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