Capricorn Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s turn to matters of the heart. Mars, a high energy planet, has been in Aries, your house of home, since June 27 but will finally move on to a far more compatible place in the heavens, earth-sign Taurus, on January 6. While in Aries, Mars put a very strong emphasis on your home, other property, or a family member, most likely a parent. That was an excessively long time for Mars to spend in this area of your chart—the more typical length of time is six weeks. The reason Mars spent so long in that one house is that he went retrograde through most of September to mid-November. That held up your progress temporarily, but you were able to make final decisions at the end of November and December.

Now Mars moves into Taurus, from January 6 to March 3, and you will love the change. Mars will light your fifth house of true love and romance and also help you conceive a baby, if that is your wish. The pressure you were under in 2020 comes off, and you can now exhale and have fun. Your private emotional life will improve, and a new, radiant you will emerge as you start your new two-year Mars cycle, which will focus you on matters of love and children. A side bonus from Mars in the fifth house is to boost your creativity. You have plenty to look forward to, dear Capricorn.

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