Capricorn Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Capricorn

You need to be careful, however, because the new moon will receive mixed messages. On one hand, Uranus is thumping around the heavens, cranky and likely to throw an unexpected tantrum. This may very well result in a large expense related to your care for one of your children, a creative project, or a social event you may be getting ready to host or attend. The news of this expense might be large enough to rattle you. I have always felt that if the problem is money, it is not a problem, for the situation is not tragic. You can always find a way to repay yourself eventually.

If you have no savings to cover the problem that Uranus will bring up after February 9, you may get help from a sibling. Capricorns generally do not like to take money from family or friends, but if it is necessary, make it clear that you will pay the sum back with diligence. Capricorn is known to be highly trustworthy.

On the plus side, on February 7 Uranus will also be sending a shimmering, affirming beam to Venus, the ruler of your most prestigious career and reputation sector (tenth house)—this shows that you have strong job security and are likely admired for your consistent and excellent performance. You may see a surprise sum come to you on February 7, several days later after the new moon arrives on February 9, or in the weeks that follow.

After being wrapped in calculator tape, you will be dreaming of heading to the airport to be in a new setting, if only for a few days. The universe wants to give you a break.

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