Capricorn Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Capricorn

Valentine’s Day, February 14, may turn out to be surprisingly special. The transiting moon will be in a fellow earth-sign Taurus, which will blend perfectly with your Capricorn Sun. Best of all, Jupiter, the planet of happiness, will conjunct the moon to make for a sparkling evening with a touch of luxury. You may go to an especially beautiful restaurant or receive a lovely gift, possibly a precious piece of jewelry (in case you think I am only speaking to women readers, this comment includes my male readers, too—you might receive a watch).


As you enter the month, Venus and Mars, called the cosmic lovers by astrologers, are rubbing shoulders in Capricorn. This is a wonderful coincidence to be at play (a holdover from last month) to remain in place until February 13. It’s time to buy some new clothes for the coming season with the holiday gift cards and cash you may have received in December—Venus and Mars will help you find quality garments that will be especially flattering.

Getting your finances in shape will be a big focus at the new moon on February 9, and this focus will continue in the days and weeks that follow. A new moon will always provide opportunity in the house where it falls, and this new moon appears in Aquarius in your second house of personal finances. The Sun, Mercury, and Pluto (and later, Mars and Venus) will join the new moon in Aquarius as well.

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