Capricorn Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Capricorn

Venus and Mars are not conjunct in Capricorn, but they are moving within a few tiny degrees of each other to set off glittery flashes of energy that will make you irresistible. Whether you are pitching a client, interviewing for a new job, or hoping to attract love, you have that indescribable “it” factor now.

A very different environment will start to emerge with the appearance of the new moon in Aquarius (21 degrees) on February 9. At that time, you will have the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Pluto all in Aquarius, setting up a trend in your second house of earned income. Mars will join these four heavenly bodies in your second house of money on February 13, followed by Venus on February 16. By then, you will have six planets in your money sector—more than half the solar system—so certainly you will be firmly focused on money.

Normally this would be a perfect time to ask for a raise or look for other ways to increase your personal wealth. However, this is a flawed new moon, so you’ll have to be careful with how you handle tasks.

Venus and Mars are moving within a few degrees of each other, setting off glittery sparks that will make you irresistible and give you that indescribable “it” factor—use it.

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