Capricorn Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Since we only leave up one previous month of my forecasts, that report has been taken down, so I will reprint a portion of it for you again. (Forgive me if you already read this! Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this again!)

“Scientists believe that storms continually rain diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn. Until now, scientists have known that storms were producing diamonds on Uranus and Neptune but assumed the conditions were not conducive for the same to happen on Jupiter and Saturn. That assumption has now been revised.

“In an article Mr. James Morgan wrote for BBC News on October 14, 2013, ‘“Diamond rain” falls on Saturn and Jupiter’ (, ‘New atmospheric data for the gas giants indicates that carbon is abundant in its dazzling crystal form. Lightning storms turn methane into soot (carbon) which as it falls hardens into chunks of graphite and then diamonds…, which eventually melt into a liquid sea in the planets’ hot cores.’

“These diamonds are not small. The BBC report states film stars like Elizabeth Taylor, who loved diamonds, would be proud to wear the diamonds falling on Saturn and Jupiter—they would be big, not puny little diamonds. Of course, these large diamonds are uncut by jewelers because the last time I looked, Tiffany and Cartier have not yet set up shops on Jupiter and Saturn. That seems to be a minor point, though.”

Keep the image of diamonds raining down on the surface of Jupiter and Saturn, both of which are in your earned income sector. This year, 2021, will be your year of substantial financial reward, the best in over a decade. Ask for a raise, or look for new sources of income. After all, it’s raining diamonds for you in 2021.

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