Capricorn Horoscope for December 2018

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you were asked to sign a contract of any kind, this would be a wonderful time to put your name on the dotted line (the best in the month, and possibly the most important day in all of 2018). If you sign today, you are likely to make good money on the deal.

Your romantic relationship will likely command your attention at the full moon, December 22, in Cancer, one degree. You are about to see your relationship reach culmination, and because December 21 (just mentioned above) is within the area of influence of the full moon—plus or minus four days from the date it appears—you may be getting engaged for Christmas. How exciting! If you say, no, that’s not possible, we just started dating, know that nothing is impossible when Uranus is involved.

If you want to use this twosome energy in your work life, instead of your private life, you might sign a business partner, agent, manager, new lawyer, publicist, writing partner, event planner, social media manager, or another expert, and this full moon may bring talks to a happy conclusion. (Business and personal partnerships are not mutually exclusive—you may do both.)

The Sun is very close to Saturn in Capricorn at this full moon, December 22, showing just how serious your mood will be in these moments of the month. If you get engaged, that is a big step and would explain why you would be thinking long-term and building a firm foundation for your future.

If you are already married, your partner will have news that comes out of the blue for you. You, too, will be thinking about the long road ahead and planning for it this month.

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