Capricorn Horoscope for December 2018

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

It appears that someone behind the scenes will want to see you do well and will speak up for you, but you may not know the person’s identity, as it appears he or she wants to remain anonymous. It must be comforting to know you have at least one real-life guardian angel that has noticed your talents and is willing to go out of his or her way on your behalf.

Planets in the twelfth house—where the Sun, new moon, and Jupiter are right now—will ask you to do deep thinking in solitude. By taking time to be alone, you can silence the cacophony of voices around you and listen to the clarity of the small voice within. This is the house that sharpens intuition, and certainly yours will be running at peak levels, so listen to its whispers.

If you have any health concerns, hosting Jupiter in the behind-the-scenes twelfth house sector, as you are doing now, is considered fortunate for improving physical and mental health. Jupiter is not only the planet of good fortune, it is also considered a healing energy, and some astrologers call it the planet of miracles. It matters not if you are seeking help for a physical or psychological condition or even one involving dental work—you can find the right person to help you now. If you trust your doctor or have the right specialist, that’s great, and if not, ask friends and family for the names of doctors they would recommend. Once you feel confident you have the located the right specialist for you, move forward.

After December 6, Mercury will no longer be retrograde, which is a great blessing. Mercury has surely wreaked havoc in my life—my dishwasher is suddenly on the blink, my TV set blacked out, I lost my wallet—it’s been exhausting. Once you get to December 6, you will feel a great deal of energy around you, like a great gust of wind coming through your window. It will be exciting, for you will be able to get twice as much done as you have previously.

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