Cancer Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In the meantime, Mars will be stuck in very late degrees of Aries and, if you were born late in Cancer, in harsh angle to Saturn and Pluto, both of which are in your seventh house of partnership in opposition to your Sun. This may mean that clients and people with whom you are trying to forge partnerships will be critical and difficult to find accord. It is the Cancers born late in the sign, July 14 to July 20, who will be most affected by this aspect. This will improve enormously by the year-end holidays. Every sign will feel the slowdown, and all we can do is refine our plans based on the environment and what authorities report and plan accordingly.

If you are out of work, having Mars in your tenth house will be of great assistance to you, even while Mars is retrograde. Your best approach would be to contact influential people you used to work with rather than contacting new people. Work hard in the first week of September to at least get a Zoom interview.

The new moon in Virgo, 25 degrees, will appear on September 17 and light your third house of communication. You will become quite busy after that new moon arrives mid-month with overflowing email and many phone and Zoom calls. Be careful not to lose an important phone number or email address. This new moon will be friendly too—very much so for you, dear Cancer. Still, clients or those you want to forge a relationship will be hard to please, and it won’t be your fault. Your chart is complex because the Sun and new moon will beam golden rays to your relationship sector, but Mercury, which holds the key here, will be in hard conflict with the same planets. As you see, you do have help, so barrel forward no matter what. Just hold off signing papers a few days.

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