Cancer Horoscope for October 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If ripples in your love life or regarding a child do not resonate with you, there is one other possibility. A creative project may go over budget and beyond the deadline, causing you to work hard to put the wheels back on the bus so that you can move forward again.

The fact that Uranus will oppose the tender moon suggests that you will naturally feel tension so keep your schedule clear so that you will be free to attend to whatever part of your life requires attention. Get enough sleep, too—it will be hard to cope if you are tired. Your thinking process will be better if you are well-rested.

A few days later, on October 31, Mercury will turn retrograde in the same area of your chart for three weeks, until November 20, adding some confusion. It could be easy to misunderstand a message and jump to the wrong conclusions. Make an effort to be sure what you think you heard was what was really said. You have faced aspects a little like this before, so you can handle whatever comes up. There is no doubt that you will become all the stronger for it.

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