Cancer Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Venus will be in Aries, your tenth house career, so a new friendship you are likely to cultivate this month will be one you make in the course of your work. This would be a good month to attend a trade show or industry conference. You’d accomplish much, learn about new developments in your field, and have a lot of fun being in the camaraderie of people who do the same type of work you do.

Now let’s turn to your close romantic relationship, for if you are attached, things seem not to have been easy. Saturn and Pluto are spending a lot of time in your seventh house, and you may be worried about the welfare of your nearest and dearest, such as your spouse or steady partner. (The seventh house also rules business partners and collaborators, so what I am about to say might apply instead to a close tie in business.) Life events may weigh heavily on this person, and you have remained supportive.

Alternatively, you may be basically unhappy in this relationship. With Saturn and Pluto opposite your Sun, your partner may have been (and continues to be) demanding, expecting too much from you—and you are resisting, and possibly rebelling, against the unfairness of it all. If this is how you feel, the universe is currently testing the strength of your commitment to this relationship. Some Cancers in this type of situation may find the pressures too much, and as hard as it may be to uncouple, they are doing so. Others are seeing this situation as temporary and are willing to work through it.

There is a third way you may be affected. When Saturn is opposed to the Sun as you have now, you’re not able to choose your life challenges—the universe chooses for you. The universe presents a challenge and then steps back to watch to see how you do. You may feel isolated—that’s a common feeling under this aspect—and that’s because the universe is working on strengthening your independence and resourcefulness.

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