Cancer Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Looking at your chart, if you are having problems at work or if you lost your job, you may not have been told the whole story about why you were laid off. I think your employers were not fully transparent with you. If you are still with the firm, certain actions and decisions management are making may not make sense to you. I say this because of the prominence of Neptune.

The Sun, full moon, and Venus are all in hard angle to Neptune, a planet that conceals by creating fog, and also with Mars, which is an aggressive planet. You may have borne the brunt of that Martian assertiveness. When we are little, we are taught that bad things happen when we do bad things. When we lose our job or have problems on the job, we feel we must have done something wrong. No, not so—often, jobs are eliminated because management is running out of money or for organizational reasons having nothing to do with your performance. Don’t lose confidence.

If you work in broadcasting, publishing, or any related communications industry such as publicity, sales, marketing, or if you have a career in the travel industry, the June 5 eclipse might affect you more directly than if you work in other industries.

There are other possibilities too, because the focus of the hard square to Mars and Neptune from the Sun, full moon eclipse, and Venus points to your ninth house of foreign people and places—look to a foreign person who may not have been fully transparent with you, a legal situation, or matter involving academia. These areas seem wrapped in mist, and the details you need appear to be concealed, though I believe you will soon see them clearly.

This June 5 eclipse might affect you in ways that are not related to your job, including a focus on your health. A full moon eclipse falling in the sixth house, like the one June 5 has in store for you, might mark a positive turning point in an illness. You might be ending a course of treatment or be feeling better and in recovery. A full moon brings things to a peak. Alternatively, you might go to a new doctor for a second opinion, and that doctor might suggest a different course of treatment that could work better for you.

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