Cancer Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

As mentioned, that eclipse was generally positive (especially to Cancers born on June 23, plus or minus five days, or those with Cancer rising, 2 degrees, plus five or minus two degrees). Often an eclipse will force you to do what you could not bring yourself to accomplish. The eclipse is your friend, always, even if you feel tension in the air—eclipses get results, quickly. In hindsight, you will see it gave you an opportunity to discover something new in yourself—talent, strength, determination, or courage—and those are for starters.

The second eclipse, due this month on November 8 in Taurus, 16 degrees, will be harder to experience, for it will be more emotional, and you won’t see its message coming. For one thing, it is a total lunar eclipse (a normal full moon that comes with three times the strength). With lunar eclipses, something ends, and something else begins.

It will light your eleventh house of friendship, community, or constituency as a long-held wish. What makes this eclipse hard to take is that Uranus, the planet of all things completely unexpected, will bring information to you and it will come out of left field. This news will not be anything you are expecting, and it could be jarring. Often the eclipse brings something unconnected to you—from the outside world—information that you are not aware of and did not have any involvement in, but the eclipse brings it squarely to your doorstep.

Once you get to November 23, Jupiter, still in Pisces, will turn direct with greater strength and will remain in Pisces until December 20. This practically guarantees an enchanting holiday season.

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